The Food Section: June 20, 2007

Highlights from the nation's food pages

If Rules Change, Will Camembert Stay the Same? (NY Times). Two French companies who make the world-famous stinky cheese say that when they pasteurize their milk it won't affect the taste of their product. Le sigh.

The Unexpected Thrill of Mexican Liqueurs (LA Times). Life beyond Kahlua includes sweet drinks with aphrodesiac properties, though author Charles Perry will not verify these claims firsthand.

Diner 07 (The Oregonian). The Oregonian's annual restaurant issue is all splashy and interactive, worth checking out if you're heading down to Portland to eat. Restaurant of the year: Pok Pok, a little Thai shop that was closed for remodeling when I tried to visit it last month. Thanks, guys.

In the Weeds (Chow Grinder). What happens when restaurants make bad choices. Like slaughtering a goat in the kitchen.

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