Margarita Favorita

A thread for the best margaritas near you

The perfect margarita place is a personal thing, as personal as your favorite coffee house. And like your favorite latte, it usually has a lot to do, everything to do, with where you live or work.

My perfect margarita has three requirements: 1) A pint glass (because I usually drink them when I'm hot and thirsty), 2) An outdoor option, 3) Sauza Hornitos.

Do I need to even mention fresh lime juice? Because I think that's in the Bill Of Rights. I've had plenty of margaritas lately at Smarty Pants in Georgetown, where we have a work space. The pro move some of the bartenders will throw at you: salt shaken in the drink, not on the rim. So simple and genius, it's like reinventing the wheel. The place doubles in size with a very comfortable patio in the summer (aka the smoking patio).

I also have enjoyed some really special margaritas at El Chupacabra in Phinney Ridge (but DO state your tequila preference), El Sombrero in Columbia City (apres farmers market) and Cactus on Alki (sit at the bar for a stronger drink).

Look for our outdoor drinking guide in this week's issue. But until then, got a margarita place you wanna share with the class?

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