Food Section: June 27, 2007

Food news and commentary worth reading today.

A Bit of History, Reborn in a Glass (NY Times): The modern bitters obsession. You want to try boutique bitters in Seattle? Check out the collection at Zig Zag. Also in the NY Times: The most fatuous "very special package" about cocktails ever published.

U.S. Olive Oil Coming into Its Own (SF Chronicle): So California olive oil is finally worth buying? I know I'm supposed to like it because it's local, but most domestic olive oil I've tried to date has tasted like grass and ass.

Hungry in Hogtown (blog): I can't believe I never discovered this blog before. Molecular gastronomy experiments, the joys of horse fat, recipes for deep-fried rabbit ears. (Thanks for the tip, Culinate.)

Local Food Co-ops Go Beyond Greens (NPR): When can Seattle get its own meat CSA?

The Hand That Feeds (Grist): A farmer defending farmers, whether they grow monoculture wheat or lacinato kale and heirloom peas. Tom Philpott writes another fantastic correction to reactionary food rhetoric.

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