Topolino's Pizza Trying to Open New Spot on 30th and Cherry

Best subs ever, taste-tested by East Coast sub-eating experts.


A pair of boys I know stopped by Topolino's this weekend, and both of them (one 13 year-old Seattleite, one 45 year-old East Coast transplant) raved about it, saying the same thing: These are the best subs ever. I had to check them out. Especially as I hear a new location is set to open in Madrona on Cherry and 30th sometime soon. Including the Bellevue store, this will make three.

Situated at 12th and Denny, with green picnic tables outside, Topolino's Pizza (& Burrito Express) doesn't look like much, which is maybe why I hadn't visited until now (their Capitol Hill location has been open since last July). Stop into this tiny restaurant, and you'll be greeted by an overwhelming menu that includes pizza, pasta, and subs as well as burritos (their menu reads "Our burrito is bigger than their Chihuahua") and something I'll have to try next time, Mexican BBQ.

But for my first visit, I had to focus; I came here for the subs. I ordered a Torino ($7.95) with
prosciutto, roasted pepper, tomato, mozzarella, and red onion. Their menu includes only hot subs (except the Chicken Caesar: hot chicken, cold lettuce) and this was sloppy, melty delicious, with just enough meat and cheese, but not spillingly over-filled. The bread was toasty, and tender, moistened with a tasty pesto sauce. It was too much to eat all of, so I ended up bringing a portion back to the office.

Topolino's signage reads: A little taste of Brooklyn. Our fantastic new Art Director is from Brooklyn, a resident, 5 short week's ago. I asked him to taste the Torino, and tell me if this sub was in fact as good as Brooklyn sub. The verdict: Better.

So there you have it, all you nostalgic East Coasters, soon there will be three (family-owned) Topolino's Pizzas to satisfy your sub fixes.

But don't hold your breath for the Madrona shop to open anytime soon. Asking for an open date, the man working the counter said "Just as soon as the EPA lets us. We have been working on that place for four years. There was a dry cleaner there before, and they made us dig up 400 pounds of dirt. It's cost us a bundle. I pray to God it will be open in 7 or 8 months."

Until then, the green picnic tables are waiting for you at 12th and Denny -- or get your sub wrapped to go (steamy warm in tin foil) and pull up a patch of grass at nearby Kinnear Park.

Capitol Hill
1830 12th Ave.
Mon-Sat 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Sun 3 - 10 p.m.

2908 E Cherry St
Opening Soon

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