Changes at the Super Bowl

Not the football game, the noodle shop.

Super Bowl Noodle House, the 10-year-old Ravenna shop with the great Thai soup noodles and better menu descriptions, is closing tomorrow, six months after owner Parichad Khumpitak died of liver cancer.

But it won't be shut for long. Mary Hoy has taken over the business, and will reopen Super Bowl on June 8 as Big Bowl Noodle House, with much the same menu. If you're free for lunch on June 11, stop by (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.), when all proceeds from your bowl of Old Faithful or M-80 noodles will go to cancer research.

Big Bowl Noodle House, 814 NE 65th St., 206-985-6855.

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