There ARE Good Lunch Spots South of the Market

Panini, salami, and possible celebrity sighting.

In response to this blog post on The Daily Weekly by my editor:

Aimee Curl, what is not in your power? Would you please write next about how there are no decent lunch places on First Avenue south of the Market? Thank you.
Posted yesterday at 7:18 pm by Mark Fefer

Read the fascinating chain of events that prompted his response here.

But back to the all important food issue, there are a few great lunch places south of the Market (SoMo?).

Cafe Paloma for one, at Yesler and First. My honey has been on a panini kick, and they have some of the best in town: chicken to roasted veggies to caprese. They also concoct a tangy, kalamata olive-spiked Greek salad, served with tender triangles of pita.

And there's Grand Central Baking Company, tucked inside a grand brick lobby on First Ave, just north of Main. They make a solid egg salad sandwich, and not so long ago the specials included a fantastic sweet potato and kale crostini.

And who could forget the food-obsessed's favorite lunch-time venture: Salumi, home of some of the (if not the) tastiest cured pork products in the city. Just be prepared to wait for your succulent, garlicky, spiced mole salami sandwich. Like a good twenty minutes at least, if you're lucky. If you've got the time to sit, plop yourself down at one of the few communal tables, sip a glass of wine, and ponder who the next celebrity chef behind the counter might be. Armandino's there most days, so you'll probably spot him, but perhaps Anthony Bourdain will make a return visit to sling the salami...

Anywhere else we should send Mark?

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