20 for $30

Make room for the new kids on the block.

Maybe you missed March's 25 for $25, the twice-yearly event when 25 selected Seattle restaurants suddenly become marginally affordable. Or maybe, like me, you simply avoided it, because after a few iterations (in my case, only three) you've tried everything you want to try and can't stomach the idea of fighting the other bargain-hunters for a meal you feel like you've had before.

Enter New Urban Eats: it's Seattle's newer, better version of 25 for $25. It'll be $30, and there are only 20 restaurants involved this year, but here's the catch: the event, to be held each May, will only include new restaurants, so you don't have to choose between saving money and hitting, say, Barolo (whose website has a snappy theme song, by the way) or Steelhead Diner for the first time.

Here's a full list of participating restaurants.

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