The new patch for chocoholics

Sweet Beauty's chocolate lip balm taps my veins

If you're having trouble closing that box of chocolates (or if you didn't get one), I have a solution.

While perusing the delicious merchandise at Theo Chocolate in Fremont the other day, I came across a new "organic chocolate spa treatment" company called Sweet Beauty. They use Theo's organic chocolate base (the same stuff that goes in the 3400 bars) and cocoa nibs to make chocolate lip balms, body scrubs, and bath products. I bought the "crave" lip balm, which goes an impressively long way to satisfy my daily afternoon chocolate craving. Because it's more bold chocolate aroma than taste, I get a constant stream of chocolateness, but I don't go around all afternoon licking my lips, which is what I was sort of afraid of. So basically it's like a nicotine patch, but for chocoholics.

Right now Sweet Beauty products are only available at Theo, but they've just signed the papers to open a retail store in the University Village area, hopefully by mid-March.

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