NY Restauranteur/Critic Smackdown

Chodorow set to turn tables on NYT's Bruni.

If you watched the trainwreck that was The Restaurant a few years ago on NBC, you are familiar with Jeffrey Chodorow, the owner of 20-some NYC restaurants through China Grill Management and the money man behind the failed reality show restaurant. Mr. Chodorow is starting a blog, vowing to make follow-up visits to all of the restaurants that Frank Bruni reviews for the New York Times. The why: Mr. Chodorow feels he's received a raw deal from the NYT critics ever since the reality show, and finds their reviews becoming more negative in general. He told them so in a full-page ad he took out. In their paper.

Chodorow's full page NYT ad (warning: PDF download alert)

Jeffrey Chodorow's new blog, chod-o-blog

In New York, I'm sure this site will be an instant classic. The food blogs I find interesting are always those written by people in the business. But to have someone so connected and credentialed willing to speak candidly, and at a gauranteed personal cost, should prove most interesting. This is the logical next step in the web 2.0 world. What with citizen review sites like chowhound and Yelp jumping in on the review game, the subject was bound to break the fourth wall and pick up a keyboard.

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