It's Not About the Game, It's About the Food

Seattle Ups the Culinary Ante

In addition to the no doubt numerous bets placed on yesterday's ill-fated football game between the Seahawks and the Chicago Bears, Mayor Greg Nickels will be paying his bookie in perishables. But if the selection of foodstuffs is any indication, the tastes represented by Seattle might just win out over those ponied up by Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley.

If Seattle had won yesterday's game, Nickels would have taken home pork chops from former Bears coach Mike Ditka's restaurant, as well as steaks, hot dogs, sausage, chips, nachos, pizza, popcorn, Italian beef, pop, and beer.

In a telling bit of cultural comparison, Nickels owes the Chicago Mayor two pounds of smoked king salmon, two pounds of Beecher's handmade cheese, three bottles of Washington wine, a case of Pike Pale Ale, six boxes of espresso chocolates from the Seattle Chocolate Company, and two pounds of Starbucks coffee.

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