Dishing out for D'Lish

Kathy Casey's newest Dish D'Lish opens today.

Today marks the opening of the flagship Dish D'Lish, Kathy Casey's latest, on Ballard Avenue. When I stopped by for lunch, I overheard this conversation, between a man and a woman inspecting a gorgeous display of gourmet spreads:

MAN: You should get some of this (points to goat cheese spread). It looks great.

WOMAN: But what would I do with it?

MAN: I dunno. Spread it on stuff?

This conversation summarizes my initial reaction. Everything inside Dish D'Lish looks so breathtakingly cute and creatively packaged that I was struck stupid. I never knew a little container of pickles could be so enthralling.

Dish D'Lish has two main food cases, one with basic take-home dinner stuff like mac'n'cheese and meatloaf, the other with pastries and grilled-to-order paninis. I got a "tuna meltdown," your basic tuna melt, inspired by capers and dill and handed over the counter piping hot in under 2 minutes. It was all the melty and gooey a hot tuna sandwich should be, but at $6.79 (it's canned tuna!), Dish D'Lish isn't exactly a lunchtime manna from heaven. By the time I'd been sucked into what's advertised as a "hand-shaken cold drink"--which (while I was wondering what else you might shake a cold drink with) I got to watch them seal in a very hip-looking cup with a very fancy cup-sealing machine, and was served with a very fat straw that came with instructions from three of the nine people behind the counter, and which was indeed tasty--and a few countertop impulses, my bill was over $15.

My lunch was D'Lish, for sure. But for the same reason I avoid Williams-Sonoma (and Casey's product are much better looking), I might deprive myself of more good, simple food "t'go go" until someone else is paying.

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