Viso Vitamin Drink

A natural vitamin/mineral/electrolyte drink from the Northwest

Viso Vitamin BeverageMost energy and sport drinks just taste so...fake, even if they work. But I'm a sucker for packaging. I had to try Viso, a line of all-natural (or at least a lot more natural) vitamin fruit drinks out of Portland. (visit their site at It comes in three flavors: Razz, Strawkey or Pina, and each are available organically sweetened or au natural. You still get that little aftertaste of the packed in vitamins and electrolyte stuff, but the flavors are light and fresh. And they're cheap--around $1.70 most places, including many Thriftways. Leave a comment if your store carries them.

Viso doesn't contain any caffeine or the other not-sure-if-it's-bad for you taurine, like other energy drinks. Personallly, I've always avoided those boys more because they taste like crap than any harmful effects. (And that Red Bull stuff makes me feel and act like a crack ho.) So forget Red Bull & vodka. I want Strawkey and dark rum, Pina with Metaxa, and Razz with Danska Grapefruit vodka. And in the bar that lives in my brain? I just put them on the menu.

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