Kasespatzle mit Zweibel-Buttersobe!

Or, where I found good German food in Seattle.

I'm mostly German, which means if I could, I would eat egg noodles and cabbage every day of the week for the rest of my life. I can't help it...sauerkraut and spatzle are the two most perfect foods I have ever known. But ever since I moved to Seattle from German-heavy Pennsylvania, I've been whining about the lack of restaurants serving good German fare. But last night, my lady and I took my mostly German parents to Feierabend, located two blocks north of REI, and had the finest German meal I've ever had outside of my grandma's kitchen. We downed a couple half-liters of Hackor-Pschorr Weisse beer and were pretty well grinning, greased, and gassed by the time our heaping bowls of spatzle came doused in fried butter and lightly dusted with sage. A side of warm sauerkraut was the fine addition to the otherwise perfect meal. I was delighted to discover that the joint was just one of three German restaurants/bars owned by Chris Navarra, proprietor of Prost! and die Bierstube. So, cheers, Chris! You've made me one happy Pennsylvania-German!

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