Ty Nolan, 65, speaks at Tuesday’s visioning workshop on the city’s first LGBTQ-affirming senior housing project. Photo by Alex Garland

LGBTQ Seniors Seek Community in Capitol Hill

Community members shared their vision of the city’s first LGBTQ-affirming senior housing project at Tuesday’s workshop.


Under Threat From Development, Residents of a Mobile Home Park Fight to Stay

Around 200 residents face eviction and an unforgiving King County housing market.


Cary Moon. Photo by Alex Garland

Cary Moon Wants to Crack Down on Real-Estate Profiteers. Will That Help?

Experts are split on whether non-resident buyers are hurting Seattle’s affordability.


Should Landlords Be Allowed to Discriminate Against Former Prisoners?

A Seattle bill would prohibit blanket-exclusions of former prisoners, and may prohibit criminal background checks by landlords on prospective tenants.