"Primal" Symphony at Benaroya Hall

Seattle native, and Academy Award-winning composer, Mateo Messina brought together more than 500 performers at Benaroya Hall last night to help raise money for Children's Hospital's uncompensated care fund.

Seattle band Barcelona, American Idol Blake Lewis, and Claire Nordstrom were joined by the Seattle Choral Company, Seattle Men's Chorus, Northwest Symphony Orchestra, Northwest Chorale, and Northwest Boychoir. Perhaps most surprising - aside from the fact that people in Seattle were actually DRESSED UP - was the stirring performance of 11-year old Alfie Bautista who, in 2001, became the first patient in the PNW to receive an intestinal transplant. Before that time, Alfie had never tasted actual food, being fed his entire life through a tube. Alfie stood in front of the audience of thousands and sang a beautiful song called "I Am Free" about his life, hopes and dreams. Not a dry eye in the well-dressed house.

Photos by Stephen Giang.

Published on November 6, 2010

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