Bar Murals You Must See Before They're Destroyed By Condos

As I snap pictures in Greenlake of, The Little Red Hen's, massive western-themed mural that covers most of the inner walls, the talk at the bar inevitably moves towards reminiscence. As the regulars remember good times and old friends, I can't help but feel melancholy. Murals like this seem to be fading away, as each new condo goes up, a structure must come down and it makes me wonder how many priceless works of art have been lost among the rubble or how many were painted over so a new bar can cash in on whatever the latest trend is. Seattle is transforming. It wants to be sleeker, shinier and those murals of times gone by that don't seem to fit the image disappear with little fan fare. Their stories are quickly lost and what little information remains is often muddled or spotty. I went on a hunt for the history on some of these gorgeous murals, here's what I dug up. Story and photos by Suzie Rugh.

Published on September 16, 2008

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