A Day at Kurtwood Farms

Says the Surly Gourmand of Kurt Timmermeister: "On his Vashon Island daily farm, Kurt Timmermeister produces high-quality cheeses available for sale all over Seattle at places like Picnic and DeLaurenti. But before he was ready to make cheese, Timmermeister first had to build his farm. And before he was able to do that, he had to reclaim the land, clearing it himself like the pioneers, except with fewer kids. Eventually, Timmermeister was able to take a frightful plot of real estate, so undesirable that even Oscar the Grouch would refuse to inhabit it, and turn it into a dreamy agrarian fantasy land where fairies drink dew out of acorn caps and rainbows smile from the sky's face."

Timmermeister will read from his book Growing a Farmer: How I Learned to Live Off the Land February 23 at Third Place Books.

Photos by Matthew Williams.

Published on February 22, 2011

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