You know that one guy at your favorite watering hole? The guy who you notice every time you're there, even though he doesn't draw much


Hot Water Music Expose A Well-Kept Secret in "Drag My Body" Video

You know that one guy at your favorite watering hole? The guy who you notice every time you're there, even though he doesn't draw much attention to himself? Well, he could be harboring a secret. Case in point, the older guy in the video for Florida-based punk rockers Hot Water Music's "Drag My Body," off their latest release, Exister.

We chatted with bassist Jason Black before Hot Water Music takes the Showbox at the Market stage on Sunday.

SW: Where was the video shot?

It was shot in Los Angeles, just in a really small, unmarked bar actually. I do think it opens for business but it's super, super tiny and Google is not familiar with it so I don't really know too much about how it operates on a normal business level [laughs]. But yeah, it was just like a really, really small hole-in-the-wall bar.

Where did the idea come from to have the story in the video lead up to that surprise ending?

That was all from the directors, actually. They came up with the treatment and did all the editing and all of the shot-planning and everything. We can take no credit for it [laughs].

Did you shoot the performance scenes in the bar as well or was that a different area?

No, it was in the same space. We just did everything separately and then they were really good at editing and made it look like it was all happening at once.

Do you all look forward to shooting music videos or is it something you'd prefer to stay out of?

I think it all depends of the end result, like ["Drag My Body"] was not much work for us. In retrospect, when you think about putting in two hours and that being the end result, you're really excited about it. But they're always sort of awkward, at least for us they are. Lip-synching's weird [laughs]. It's not really a natural thing, but I think that's our third or fourth video we've done so you kind of get used to it a little bit at some point and you just kind of hook it up and power through.

Someone I interviewed said they knew performing in a video wasn't the real thing so they weren't putting as much passion into the performance as they normally would.

It's true. It's hard to get a legitimate performance when you're just singing along to your record. I mean, it's weird. You're like, "What am I? 15, in my bedroom right now?" [laughs].

I read that the band's name came from the title of a Charles Bukowski book and at the end of the "State of Grace" video there's a sentence from a Ray Bradbury story. Is literature a big inspiration for you guys?

It is. [The Ray Bradbury quotation] also was kind of the director's touch, but it definitely is, I mean, we're all pretty avid readers. Yeah, some songs are inspired by different books or whatever so yeah, for sure, it's definitely a part of our band.

You guys have taken a couple of breaks in your career; was it ever hard to get back in the swing of things?

I think it changes every time but I think that has more to do with where we are as people than as a band, and it's different for everyone every time. We've been doing it for quite a long time so it's not ever extremely difficult, you know? I think you find your groove pretty quickly. It tends to be a different groove from time to time so it takes a little bit longer but overall, it's not too hard.

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