Every Local Release: Lusine's Intricate, Insular The Waiting Room


Lusine, The Waiting Room

2/19, Ghostly


Jeff McIlwain writes film scores in addition to producing cerebral electronica as Lusine, and his eye for composition shows on his third Ghostly International full-length. The Waiting Room is an intricate, insular release, blending the evolving synth textures and jittery IDM beats with live vocals (and, on excellent opener "Panoramic," live drums) across 10 slow-building tracks. But McIlwain doesn't let fussiness obfuscate the immediacy of his songs; several, including single "Another Tomorrow," are clearly dancefloor-ready. By the arrival of closer "February," a deep house cut reminiscent of Axel Willner's work as The Field, McIlwain has veered from chin-scratching to hip-shaking, merging both into a coherent whole.

Listen to standout "Without a Plan" after the jump.

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