Deer Tracks - Sunset Tavern - Wednesday, Feb. 21

It'd be difficult to set yourself apart as an electro-pop act from Sweden at the moment, but for Gävle, Sweden-based duo Deer Tracks, it seems to be a possibility within grasp. Mainly because they're completely strange - and they own it.

While comparable to the likes of The Knife or Niki and the Dove, Deer Tracks definitely put off a messier, more moody vibe on stage. And unlike the latter two, Deer Tracks dance-friendly sound is less about being able to sing-along and more about swaying along to the textured production.

The act's spacey sound comes to fruition in the paranoid, urgent pulsing beats, meaty synths and guitars - a landscape that provides a perfectly strange backdrop for Elin Lindfors breathy vocals. It's experimental and atmospheric, skirting the line of vibe-y and weird.

David Lehnberg's vocals are as impressively earsplitting as those of his female counterpart, Elin Lindfors, which explains the confusion about them being an all-female outfit. Likewise, his stage getup of glitter and lashes and dramatic eyeliner are just as impressive. When he opens his mouth you kind of get the impression he could - and maybe used too - head a Swedish hardcore band. But the electronic arrangements fit him well, and paired with Lindfors' slightly higher pitch, it works.

Already finding play on KEXP, the act recently released an LP entitled The Archer Trilogy Part 3. And while it's a lot of the same - a consistent stream of guitars, melodica, trumpets, synths and beats swirling around melodic, helium-tinged vocals - there are a few standouts.

Most notably, "W" is a dark, Coheed and Cambria-esque creep-ballad that has you feeling like you're in the middle of an intense acid trip. And current single, "Lazarus," proves a punchier, more radio-friendly pop number that has Lindfors cooing softly over heavy house beats. Framed by live instrumentation and the group's trippy, dream-like presence, the songs more than translated to the stage.

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