In a recent review of Ken Stringfellow's latest release Danzig in the Moonlight , I tagged the album " wonderfully liberated ." When it comes


Watch Ken Stringfellow's New Video for 'Superwise' and Become Just That

In a recent review of Ken Stringfellow's latest release Danzig in the Moonlight, I tagged the album "wonderfully liberated." When it comes to genre, Moonlight is just that: free from the confines of doing things a certain way, shifting through pop, soul, country and a range of musical modalities from one song to the next.

On the way into work this morning I listened to a bit of Eckhart Tolle's audiobook "Living the Liberated Life and Dealing with the Pain Body," and shortly after coming in to the office stumbled on Stringfellow's new video for single "Superwise" (full video after the jump).

The two events were coincidental because Tolle's monologue concerned achieving a higher state of consciousness, while in the video, a bunch of robots, elementary students, and a bloody-nose prone teacher traipse around school having existential misadventures set to esoteric lyrics about being trapped in a body--"I gotta get out of here/I'm just flesh pulled through skin/and a lazy tear"--and the limitations of the mind. Stringfellow expounds on the idea the on his Soundcloud track page:

Lyrically, it's about transformation, transubstantiation, reincarnation. The interconnectedness of all things. And that Nirvana might be the point where you simply remove the last blocks that have cut you off from what you are vestigially connected to at all times--everything. In life, your ego, the I, conceives you as a unique item in a world of foreign objects. And therein lies the flaw in your perspective. Of course, I didn't want to write this as new age sounding things, so I try and work in a lot of scientific-sounding mumbo jumbo. You can say it's BS but in fact, I trust my subconscious very much. I let it write everything!

Just goes to show that music--and a little Eckhart Tolle--can make for some surreptitious mornings. Stringfellow plays The Tractor February 1st and 2nd with The Maldives and Curtains for You.

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