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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' song "Thrift Shop" has long been been spinning on local stations and recently took the country - hell, world - by


Earth's Best "Thrift Shop" Covers

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' song "Thrift Shop" has long been been spinning on local stations and recently took the country - hell, world - by storm. In addition to being certified platinum earlier this month, the track is currently atop Billboard's Rap/R&B singles chart -- and became the #1 song in America this morning. And despite the haterade being served up by some, it seems the people have spoken: "Thrift Shop" is fucking awesome.

In celebration of the songs success, we've gathered our favorite covers of the track, all of which put a new spin on the chart-topping, bargain-hunting anthem. We maintain the original is the best, but these versions sure give the Seattle duo a run for their money. Check out the clips below and let us know what you think:

Pentatonix (1,648,660 views)

The five-piece - who won season 3 of NBC's "The Sing-Off" - tackle Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' hit and give it an acapella spin. While the group's version is a little more family-friendly (referencing a rubber duck and skipping out on R. Kelly's piss sheets) vocalist Scott Hoying kinda looks like he could be Mack's younger brother (that multi-colored shirt is hella bossy). Plus, bass Avi Kaplan rocks the Wanz hook.

Alex G (616,040 views)

This one is for all the guys who are tired of their ladies swooning over Mack and Lewis and their fly fur coats. For this cover of the track, YouTube sensation Alex G follows in the steps of Pentatonix, dubbing parts of the song with more "appropriate" lyrics (did she just say "ice cold monkey"?) to create a version of the song that's almost more catchy than the original. Her dramatics are a little obnoxious, and the production is a bit much, but her bubblegum pop vocals and fly-across-the-screen costume changes are entertaining nonetheless.

Dan Henig (269,741 views)

Henig's slowed-down, acoustic rendition of the hit is a little Jason Mraz-esque but keeps to the explicit nature of Macklemore's original version. Yes, it's a little unexpected to hear the song in this manner, but styling the upbeat anthem as a romantic, indie ballad of the Northwest persuasion is fitting - if not a tad predictable.

Tyler Ward & Lindsey Stirling (196,752 views)

Ward and Stirling probably keep truest to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' original version, with Ward keeping on pace with Haggerty's flow - backed by Sterling's sing-song vocals. Macklemore and Lewis are no strangers to orchestral arrangements - as heard throughout The Heist - but for "Thrift Shop," they keep the focus on Lewis' fancy production and Owuor Arunga's mastery of the trumpet. Ward and Sterling's turn highlights this missed (alternate?) opportunity.

Auto Tunes w/Flula (97,258 views)

The German techno DJ (full name: Flula Borg) has already built a following for his viral videos - each one featuring the artist covering a popular song in his car - and with this take of "Thrift Shop" his reputation is sure to grow. In addition to recording all parts in real-time, Flula's clip captures the hilarious reaction of unexpected passersby. Also worth noting is the fact that the artist is parked in front of a Goodwill. Although a smidge strange, the guerrilla musician probably provided those employees with their most entertaining ciggy break to date.

Peter Lee Johnson (75,676 views)

Taking orchestral arrangements to the next level, this instrumental take on the song is probably most impressive of all. Johnson not only slays the song on the violin, but adds to the performance by backing the track with an original beat. And as if this arrangement wasn't already dope, Johnson adds some Beethoven at the end for good measure. Being the classy fella he is, we have a feeling Mack is totally cool with this interpretation.

Jenna Freeman (26,504 views)

In regard to vocal performance alone, this cover is probably the most stunning. Freeman's voice has a spooky quality you wouldn't expect to work on this track, but it's surprisingly fitting. Armed with only an acoustic guitar, Freeman highlight's the cleverness of the track while suggesting it might not need all the bells and whistles (Who are we kidding? We love the original exactly how it is - but this is still cool.)

Tim and Alfredo (IGN Original)

Nerdy Nineties kids who spent hours playing video games like Golden Eye and Zelda are going to love this rendition of the song - which takes listeners out of the thrift shop and into the "game shop." Yes, that's a Pokemon plush and a duck hunter gun - don't act like you didn't own those (and love 'em). The IGN crew also get props for sporting authentic Macklemore apparel and promoting the duo's independent journey at the end of the clip. #SharkFaceGang

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