The Wheelies' Patrick Doherty Releases Laidback Rail Car EP

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Artwork by Kelly Bjork
Patrick Doherty

Rail Car EP

Swoon Records

The Tacoma outfit The Wheelies are still at work on the new songs that will appear on their first full-length; in the meantime, the band's frontman Patrick Doherty has released a four-track solo EP that boasts a completely different sound from The Wheelies' frisky party rock. (In Doherty's own words, Rail Car "allows him to stretch his legs and show off what he can do once all the fuzz is stripped away"). The songs are subtly charming pieces of folk-pop, with Doherty's languid vocals complemented by tinkling percussion and picturesque lyrics.

The opening track, "Dirty Paws," is a catchy, foot-stomping gem, and the eponymous "Rail Car" is smoothly and easily contemplative.

Stream or download the entire Rail Car EP on bandcamp.

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