The Redwood Plan's Second LP Is A Bouncy Blast of High-Energy, Electro-Pop Fun

Band: The Redwood Plan

Release: Green Light Go

Label: Fish the Cat

Release date: Feb. 12

As its title suggests, the second album from this Seattle new wave group finds the quartet firing on all cylinders, blasting through high-energy, danceable electro-pop with nary a rest in sight. The band is led by singer-keyboardist Lesli Wood, whose buoyant melodies dance above the band's staccato guitar lines, electronic drums and the melodic bass patterns of her husband, Larry Brady, providing the record with a bouncy immediacy a la new wave's punk undercurrents. Though the moods and grooves change across the album, the tempos hardly do, which may help the band in a live setting but which works against them a bit here. But that's a small quibble with an otherwise terrific album, even if it might have been issued 30 years too late. The Redwood Plan celebrate the album's release on Feb. 15th at Neumos.

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