Sub Pop Co-Founder Bruce Pavitt on 'Call Me Maybe': 'Any Song That Brings People Together Is a Good Song'

Bruce Pavitt
This photo of Nirvana's Chad Channing (left) and Krist Novoselic is included in Bruce Pavitt's eBook, Experiencing Nirvana.
I recently had a chance to sit down with Sub Pop co-founder Bruce Pavitt, who recently released an eBook, Experiencing Nirvana, about the band's 1989 European tour. I will have more from this conversation later, but I wanted to take a minute to recognize the early favorite for best quote of 2013 (though technically, he said it in 2012). Here, Pavitt is talking about DJing parties and weddings on Orcas Island:

"Back when I was younger and I was more into punk culture it was all about defining myself against popular culture. But then you get to a certain age where you're like, 'The real power of music is bringing people together.' How can you unify a crowd? How can you bring people together? And when you're DJing you get to see can see that firsthand because the whole goal is trying to get as many people on the dance floor as possible."

On spinning Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe":

"Everybody will just drop what they're doing and rush to the dance floor. And so you're going: 'You know what? I love this song, I love this song because it's making everybody in the room really happy and there's just no way I can say this song sucks.' It's just a total shift in attitude. Any song that brings people together is a good song."

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