Niki & The Dove on Inspiration and Its Sophomore Effort


Niki & The Dove on Inspiration and Its Sophomore Effort

  • Niki & The Dove on Inspiration and Its Sophomore Effort

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    Eliot Hazel
    For Swedish duo Niki and The Dove, anything can serve as a source of inspiration.

    "We can hear a song from the synthesizer, and a whole song can be born from that sound. They can come in very, very different ways," says Gustaf Karlöf.

    Consisting of Karlöf and Malin Dahlström, Niki and The Dove was formed in 2010, when the pair - who worked previously in theater - sat down to write a batch of songs. The fruits of that labor - an EP entitled The Drummer" and later, a full-length called "Instinct" have since taken them on a whirlwind journey.

    In 2011, the breakout act opened for opening for another Swedish electropop act, Miike Snow, and in 2012, the duo placed fifth in the BBC's Sound of 2012 poll - before stopping in Seattle for a killer Bumbershoot set. Already in 2013, they were announced as winners at the 2013 European Border Breakers Awards.

    Known for their beat-driven, experimental indie-pop, Niki and the Dove's debut (licensed by Sub Pop/Mercury) is a collection of synth-y folk tracks led by tribal percussion and Dahlström's pretty vocals. On stage, it's a spectacle of lights and war paint and spirit animals (see: "DJ, Ease My Mind" and "The Fox") that has you feeling a part of something that's part futuristic and epic, part ancient and regal.

    "I know Malin was very inspired by [mythology] at the time," Karlöf says. "We are now writing new music - and for the new music it could be something different."

    And while he's shy to discuss what exactly it is that's serving as inspiration at this point, Karlöf says they're definitely dealing with some abstract concepts.

    "Me and Malin - we're really look forward to writing [more] new music," Karlöf says. "So we are very excited about that."

    Niki and the Dove headline the Crocodile at 8 p.m. tonight - with openers Vacationer, Nightmare Fortress and DJ SH6RL6S6. $12; All ages, bar with ID.

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