Late Night Cable Finds: Bellingham Station KVOS2 Plays Music Videos at Night...In Seattle

Television: still a thing
So, I recently resubscribed to cable television. It had been a year or so, and I didn't really watch it to begin with, but one of my New Year's Resolutions was to ball 30% harder so this was kind of a no-brainer. And since paying excessive amounts for ordinary things is clinically proven to accelerate your balling, Comcast was the logical choice.

One night earlier this week, I was flipping back and forth between ESPN (Comcast channel 31) and ABC Family (39) - where they seemed to be having a Rachel McAdams marathon (*sweet*) - when my undiagnosed dyslexia took hold and I wound up on channel 93, which turned out to be friendly Bellingham station KVOS2. They were playing all kinds of music videos! A new discovery! There was a Better Than Ezra video followed by an infomercial, then there was Muse, and the Dave Matthews Band ("Funny the Way It Is"). What a fun mix for somebody! I checked back in the next night, and caught videos by Awolnation and Michael Franti ("Hey Hey Hey"). Last night, I stopped in long enough to see part of a Wale video which was long enough for me. Further research revealed that it's all part of a contracted subchannel called TheCoolTV, which provides music videos and E/I programming for stations who don't have anything better to show. Now you know! Thanks cable TV!

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