Bruce Pavitt: "I Broke Out of the 'Indie Is Cool' Ghetto A Long Time Ago'"

Courtesy Big Hassle
Pavitt, in Europe with Nirvana in 1989.
We've got a feature in this week's paper about Sub Pop co-founder Bruce Pavitt and his "hermit lifestyle" on Orcas Island where he raises teenagers, DJs for senior citizens, and recently published an eBook about his time with Nirvana on tour of Europe in 1989.

"My lens is, really, let's examine the life of these groups prior to Nevermind, prior to when all the corporate money came into it," Pavitt says of Experiencing Nirvana. "What you're seeing is the network of hobbyists who're creating art because that's what they're passionate about, not about cutting a business deal. Post-Nevermind, every band I talked to was all about the deal, all about getting the attorney and getting the killer deal. The culture completely changed, almost overnight. So to go back and review what it was like before bands knew that there was no chance, ever, that you'd blow up and have a huge career--it'd be, like, one in a million--I think it's a really inspiring period in cultural history."

Read the whole thing here.

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