House parties are all fun and games until someone eats a brownie they shouldn't have and is chased through the streets of London by three


GROUPLOVE's Zucconi Remembers the 'Tongue Tied' Shoot, but Not Writing the Song: 'People Have to Remind Me It's Our Song'

House parties are all fun and games until someone eats a brownie they shouldn't have and is chased through the streets of London by three men in lucha libre-style masks. Just ask the lead actor in Los Angeles-based indie dance quintet GROUPLOVE's video for "Tongue Tied," off their debut album, Never Trust A Happy Song. We caught up with lead singer Christian Zucconi, who gave us all the details about "Tongue Tied," before GROUPLOVE plays 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball at KeyArena tonight.

The Video: After receiving a few video treatments that just didn't knock it out of the park, GROUPLOVE teamed up with director Jordan Bahat, who also worked on the videos for "Colours," "Itchin on a Photograph," and "Lovely Cup," in London, where the band was playing a few festivals.

Bahat sent GROUPLOVE the main actor's reel and as Zucconi says, they fell in love with him. Zucconi went to school for film and has shot several films himself so he enjoyed being able to get behind the camera and watch someone as talented as the lead actor perform.

Bahat was also behind the trippy elements of the video.

"We didn't want to do a typical, like, cliché house party kind of scene," Zucconi says. "We kind of wanted to make it weird and hopefully we could achieve that, and we thought he did a great job."

The video was filmed over two days in an abandoned apartment that is frequently rented out for photo and video shoots. It also happened to be filmed on the hottest day that London had experienced in 10 years, according to Zucconi.

The heat was just a small price to pay though, as Zucconi says that overall, the video shoot was a great experience.

"Making a video with someone you've worked with before in London--we'd never done a video in London before--with a bunch of cool kids, fans who came out was just a lot of fun," he says. "I think in a situation like that, you should take it for what it is which is a lovely experience to be having."

You've Got A Friend In Me: Aside from the main character and a few other people, the partygoers are GROUPLOVE fans. The band reached out through social media, asking fans in the London area if they were available to appear in the video.

"To give back to the fans for coming in and staying out after they'd finished the video, we gave them an acoustic concert in the courtyard and played a bunch of songs," Zucconi recalls. "It was just a nice vibe going on out there and everyone was happy."

Check out snippets of that outdoor concert here.

Since the video shoot, the fans who appeared in the video and GROUPLOVE have formed a friendship and try to hang out whenever the band travels to London.

Making New Memories: When asked if singer and keyboardist Hannah Hopper had to learn her rap backwards for her solo scene in the video, Zucconi pauses.

"I think she sang it backwards, yeah, I'm trying to remember," he eventually says.

Turns out, there's a few things Zucconi can't remember about the video shoot, or that period of his life, because of a concussion he got after flipping over the handlebars of his BMX bike.

"I don't even remember writing the song," he says. "People have to remind me that we wrote the song and it's our song."

Zucconi and the band soldiered on though, and are ready for what will be their last show in Seattle for a while; they'll begin working on their second album in January and expect to release a new single and video in May or June of next year.

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