For the members of Denver-based folk rock band The Lumineers, picking the first single off their self-titled debut album was like picking their favorite child.


The Lumineers Smile Through the Pain to Capture Their Live-Show Vibe in 'Ho Hey'

For the members of Denver-based folk rock band The Lumineers, picking the first single off their self-titled debut album was like picking their favorite child. Impossible, says vocalist and mandolin player/cellist/pianist Neyla Pekarek. Luckily, their management and other outside sources suggested the hand-clapping, foot-stomping "Ho Hey" as the lead single, and the rest is history. Pekarek gave us the lowdown on the "Ho Hey" video before the Lumineers play 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball at KeyArena on Tuesday.

The Video: In order to capture the vibe of their live shows in the video for "Ho Hey," the band turned to their good friend, director Ben Fee, who they met several years ago after a show in Portland. He approached the band after their set and told them about the one-take videos he did and convinced them to shoot a few songs with him.

"From there on, we just kind of kept up this relationship with him," Pekarek says. "He's been to a lot of shows so I think he captured that vibe we had at the live show where everybody participates and sings along ... I think he did a really good job."

Fee also captured singer and percussionist Jeremiah Fraites' style in the video, suggesting that all of the extras wear Fraites' signature white T-shirt and black suspenders.

"Jer wears that for every single show and actually off stage as well," Pekarek says laughing. "I think it just makes it easier for him to not have to pick something else up to wear ... It was funny because everybody put their costume on and I couldn't find Jer in the sea of people."

"Everybody" found out about the video shoot the night before, while the Lumineers played a show at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles. During their set, they announced an email signup for anyone interested in participating in the shoot. Most of the extras, or unpaid interns as Pekarek affectionately calls them, are fans, though a few friends showed up, including a former schoolmate of Pekarek's named Kelsey.

You may not be able to tell with all of the smiling and dancing going on, but "Ho Hey" was shot in a building more commonly known as the setting of many a horror film, the Linda Vista Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. Pekarek found the abandoned medical equipment spooky but says that she likes creepy stuff and had fun exploring the building.

No Pain, No Gain: Though the vibe of "Ho Hey" is quite sunshiny, making the video was not always as such. Turns out, it takes a lot of energy and stamina to play a song like "Ho Hey" 30 times over a 14-hour period, as Pekarek estimates.

"We felt pretty tired but it was really fun," she recalls. "We were really trying to keep our spirits up. Jer, our drummer, actually ended up injuring his foot that day from doing so much stomping around."

Road Warriors: After a three-week European tour, the Lumineers spent two weeks at home before heading out on another three-week trek, this time, of the U.S. They'll be on the road for most of December opening for Dave Matthews Band, followed by another European tour in early 2013.

"We're looking forward to playing a lot of different cities because we just came back from Europe and it's obviously a lot of people's first time seeing us because we're still so new and so it's really flattering when we get to a show and people know a lot more than 'Ho Hey,'" Pekarek says. "It's been really thrilling and we're glad because we spent so much time on the record and nothing's really an afterthought with it so I think we're really pleased about this happening."

Looks like the Lumineers are going to be clapping their hands and stomping their feet for a long time to come.

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