Aright, I think we can all agree that this year will be known as the year Jody Highroller^ supplied the most legit dosing of cred


My Top Local Rap Releases of 2012

Aright, I think we can all agree that this year will be known as the year Jody Highroller^ supplied the most legit dosing of cred the Town will ever enjoy, and will continue to stand as the pinnacle of Northwest-referential rap. But before we all pack it in and write off the rest of our days as mere epilogue to That Time Riff Raff Did A Bunch Of Drugs In Seattle, I've compiled a list of some other stuff that happened this year. Behold, my top ten local rap albums of 2012:

10. Av Young Blaze - The Humble Villain

The production is varied, and not all original, but THV shows off Av's evolving style in a great way, and contains some of his most killer work.

9. Jarv Dee - Dopamine

Somewhat of a slept-on album, Dopamine showcases Jarv at his most vibrant, and he makes great use of the spotlight.

8. The Physics - Tomorrow People

The Physics just keep getting smoother with their product, and Tomorrow People is yet another step up for the group.

7. OCnotes - Moldavite

Just one of a grip of killer releases Otis dropped on us this year, Moldavite is thirty three slamming beats, each one more inventive than the one before.

6. Fatal Lucciauno - The Message

More cohesive than his formal offering, Respect, The Message is entirely produced by Jake One, and contains Fatal's street-side poetry of the highest order.

5. THEESatisfaction - awE naturalE

Soulful, genre-stretching music that feels both exclusive and broadly celebratory. The Queens came through beautifully here.

4. Kingdom Crumbs - Kingdom Crumbs

Cloud Nice supergroup Kingdom Crumbs came together and captured the creative essence of the collective, breaking new ground along the way.

3. La - Ocean Howell

One of the most potent emcees in the region, La flexed all over this album like only he can, with help from producer Olee and live musician Miketron.

2. Dark Time Sunshine - ANX

A brilliant mix of utopian mega-production from Chicago's Zavala, and local dungeon-rap hero Onry Ozzborn, the two feed off of each other's energy, and the result is a next level, highly accesible feature.

1. Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death - Exalted

The most complete of the NP x BSBD trill-ogy, the sounds are cloudy and dark, while Nacho makes his un-holy intentions known with comedic zest.

Most honorable mentions: Key Nyata - Two Phonkey; Grynch - Perspective; Fresh Espresso - Bossalona; Don't Talk to the Cops! - Let's Quit; Wolf Hotel - Good Bye; Graves33 - Banner for Boxed In; Art Vandelay - Face Tattoo; High Life Sound System - Langston Hugh...Love, Weed & Other Vices

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