Julia Massey Has a Voice Like Joni Mitchell

Mocha Charlie

Band: Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discount

Release: Five Letters From Far Away EP

Label: Self-released

Release date: Out now

Massey sings jazz-flecked piano pop with a voice like Joni Mitchell. In fact, the EP's opener, "There Is a Song" could have been an outtake from her Court and Spark LP. Massey's got a nice sense of melody and solid band, though they drift off course nearly as often as they find it, like on "Orbiter," a dreamy pop song with a slapped bass line. The band will have a CD release party on Jan. 4th at The Sunset in Ballard along with EVTUSHENKO and The Glass Notes and you can check out a stream of the EP after the jump.

Update: This review is based on what I thought was an EP, but is actually a full-length that I wasn't able to hear in its entirety. The full album will be reviewed in a subsequent issue of Reverb Monthly.

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