Danny Brown - Neptune - Saturday, December 29, 2012

Danny Brown
Danny Brown floated on stage Saturday night in one of those extra long shirts girls wear that could be a dress *in a pinch*, tooth-gap blinging, hair like whaaaaat - and just owned the Neptune. It wasn't a full house, but it was a pretty admirable turn-out for a guy who was just thrown on top of the bill two weeks ago when Digable Planets cancelled (and by default, cancelled themselves). Detroit's Brown had the all-ages crowd eating out of the palm of his hand off the bat (which was reciprocated by an unselfish crowd member, who not-so-slyly passed Brown some kind of substance he was all giddy about), and rapped his ass off, sounding both true to record, and in the moment.

Brown may talk about tripping balls a lot, and may even dose himself handsomely before each show, but his syllables were crisp, and he hit all his cues like a pro. Nobody raps about drugs and cunnilingus like Brown, though he's so bubbly while he blurts out genitalia-laiden dope lines, you might not even notice he just offered you a line of Adderall to go down on your girl. He wagged his tongue, threw up devil horns, and played the perfect, lovable punk, which is exactly what the show was. I've only seen a handful of rap shows that could sustain a respectable moshpit, and this one set the standard, at least for a minute. "Die Like a Rockstar" was a definite highlight live as it was on last year's electric XXX, but his loudmouth absurdity atop his consistently slamming electro-production made the whole night swing. By the time the beat had played out on his last song, he was head-first into the crowd, and ready to party.

Other notes: Local openers Malitia Malimob were a new discovery for me, and their revolutionary stylings demand some further looks.

Malitia Malimob
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