Children learn a lot while watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood , things like music, crafts and how to deal with anger and the death of a


AWOLNATION Teaches Kids to Head-Bang in 'Kill Your Heroes'

Children learn a lot while watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, things like music, crafts and how to deal with anger and the death of a pet. AWOL's Fun Time, the first TV show featured in Los Angeles-based electronic rock band AWOLNATION's video for "Kill Your Heroes," however, teaches kids how to head bang, belly flop onto a pile of stuffed animals and rip the head off a teddy bear with their teeth. You know, essential life skills. AWOLNATION lead singer Aaron Bruno walked us through "Kill Your Heroes," off their album Megalithic Symphony, before the band plays 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball at KeyArena today.

The Video: Bruno's good friend Cameron Duddy directed the homage to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, complete with hand puppets and a trolley that takes kids to a world of make believe, and Top of the Pops, with a brief nod to Bob Ross thrown in for good measure, over one day in Los Angeles.

The concept came from a goal of Bruno's to not make a music video that seemed like it should be taken seriously.

"The lyrics are so serious to me and very revealing at times and so the last thing you want to do, at least that I want to do, is make a video that can be interpreted literally because the lyrics are meant to be taken the way the listener feels they should be taken," Bruno explains. "They've got their own opinion, you know?"

Bruno also cites his love of Weezer's Spike Jonze-directed video for "Buddy Holly" as inspiration for the "Kill Your Heroes" video.

Camera Shy: For Bruno, the most difficult part of shooting the video was, well, shooting the video.

"Just doing a video at all is always difficult because there's just a lot of attention on you, which is not that fun," he says. "Having to look at yourself a bunch and all that kind of shit, you know? You're constantly looking at the playback."

Bruno says that shooting with Duddy makes things easier though and that overall, shooting videos is a fairly harmless process. The video shoot did have an upside, though as Bruno cracked up watching his band mates perform as the Milkmen, funny smiles and all.

Be sure to keep your eyes on guitarist Drew Stewart right around the three-minute mark for a few more laughs.

Child's Play: Filming with the children in the video was also a bit tough, only because of the rules child actors must follow regarding how many hours they can work in a day. Bruno, though, thought they brightened the mood on set.

"It's a lot more fun working with kids than it is working with adults, I promise you that so that's a nice vibe to have them around," he says.

It's also the younger generation who Bruno feels may not completely get the video because they didn't grow up with Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, though he does hope they have a good time watching "Kill Your Heroes" nonetheless.

Whether or not viewers fully understand the video, Bruno wants them to know that the AWOLNATION door is always open.

"It's really easy to find where we're at if anyone's interested," he says. "Come join the family."

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