Again, "I Can't Afford the Album," Is the Worst Justification for Piracy

Stop stealing Glass Houses! There are 200 copies at your local record store, and they all sell for less than 75 cents.
I heard it infered again this morning, and it made my skin crawl, so I'm going to address it once again: "I'm broke" or "I can't afford to pay for music" are the worst justifications for piracy in the history of piracy justification. If you are pirating music, and can afford internet access, a computer, and electricity, you can afford the $10 a month that it costs to subscribe to Rhapsody or Spotify, and get access to 14 million songs -- almost anything that you'd be pirating anyway (don't even get me started if you pay for cable and are making this claim). If you can afford the infrastructure necessary to steal music, you can afford to pay for a $10 subscription, but paying for music isn't a high priority, so you've put your money elsewhere.

If every pirate started paying $10 a month for a streaming subscription music service, we would be having different conversations about those services and the music industry.

That's it.

Merry Christmas!

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