703 Seattle Releases Reviewed

David Belisle
THEESatisfaction released its full-length debut, awEnaturalE, on Sub Pop this year.
Since we launched Reverb Monthly in August of 2011, we've attempted to review every new releases from Seattle bands, as well as national offerings from Seattle labels. Every month, we include briefs on all the releases we get our hands on. 2012 was our first full calendar year, and we reviewed 703 releases -- singles, EPs, mix tapes, LPs, etc. (Yes, we're sure we missed a few, and for that we apologize.) Special thanks to Erin Thompson, the woman who assigns and edits all the reviews.

To put a cap on 2012, we compiled every single release, trimmed them down, and alphabetized them to give you a quick(ish) glance at what the Seattle scene sounded like in 2012. You can read all 703 reviews here, or click through the below links to read the longer versions of each review by month.

Happy New Year, everyone! Please send word of your 2013 releases to reverbreviews@seattleweekly.com.

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