Tiny things are almost always 10 times more adorable than their regular-sized counterparts. Case in point, Said The Whale's video for "Loveless," which follows a


Said The Whale: If People Are Finding Music on YouTube, We'd Better Make Awesome Videos

Tiny things are almost always 10 times more adorable than their regular-sized counterparts. Case in point, Said The Whale's video for "Loveless," which follows a pint-sized couple as their relationship grows from picnic dates in the park to reading by the fire in their rocking chairs. Lead singer and guitarist Tyler Bancroft gave us the scoop about "Loveless" before Said The Whale plays The Vera Project tonight.

The Video: The too-cute-for-words video, which was shot over four days in Vancouver, is just one in a series the indie rock band shot for their latest album, Little Mountain, with Amazing Factory Productions. According to Bancroft, the band realized that most people check out a band on YouTube before they visit the band's website or Facebook and Twitter pages and decided to use that knowledge to their advantage.

"People just go to YouTube because it's the quickest way to find a song so mainly what you'd find on YouTube is a crappy, pixelated version of an album cover," Bancroft says. "We wanted to have control over what people saw when they searched for us on YouTube so that was one of the main reasons [for creating the video series] and then the second one is it's just cool to have music videos."

Fireworks and a Fussy Actor: The Little Mountain series of music videos is quite varied as far as plots and locations go. In one video, "The Reason," the band is at a karaoke bar. In another, "Lucky," they're having a little fun in the sun on the beach.

For Bancroft, one of the highlights of the series was shooting the video for "Jesse, AR," which is essentially four-and-a-half minutes of fireworks and sparklers.

"I like blowing shit up and yeah, that was the most fireworks I've ever had the pleasure of blowing off," he says, laughing. "Don't try it at home, kids, but it was definitely fun."

All in all, shooting the series went pretty smoothly, though there were a few rough moments during the "Loveless" shoot that required, as Bancroft says, camp counselor and child coercion skills.

"From what I heard there were a couple instances in the 'Loveless' shoot where the girl wasn't particularly stoked to be involved anymore and sort of had to be coerced out of her room to come down and be a part of the music video," he recalls. "But I don't want to say anything that's gonna make her look bad because in the end, she totally kicked ass."

Connections and Cameos: Said The Whale didn't have to look very far when it came to finding on-screen talent. In fact, the video's stars were just a piano lesson away. The young girl in the video is a student of keyboardist Jaycelyn Brown, who gives piano lessons when the band isn't on tour, while the boy is the girl's friend from school.

"They're totally friends outside of the video," Bancroft says. "They know each other and they just made it even funnier, kind of watching them interact with each other."

Though the pint-sized couple is the main focus of the video, the quintet did manage to make a cameo. Bancroft plays a waiter and takes a stroll in the park with Brown and drummer Spencer Schoening, while guitarist and singer Ben Worcester plays a pastor. As for bassist Nathan Shaw, well, you'll just have to watch the video and see for yourself.

"I think it's always nice to see music videos that actually have the band in it," Bancroft explains. "I think that keeps people's attention the most and makes it the most interesting for fans. We're totally guilty of having a whole bunch of music videos that don't have us in them but ["Loveless"] was one that we saw a lot of opportunity for cameos and stuff so we just decided to go for it."

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