Reverb Monthly's Election Special: John Roderick Vs. John Hodgman, Ron Reagan Vs. Mitt Romney, Inslee Vs. Karaoke, and Duff Approves of R-74

Reverb Monthly's Election Special is on the streets an online now! We've dedicated the November issue of SW's music magazine to the 2012 debate, with nods to the unique role Seattle's music scene has played in the effort to approve R-74, and make same-sex marriage legal in our state. So, in addition to reviews of every new local release and a look at what each night of the month has in store, here are a few of the election-related pieces you'll find in Reverb Monthly's Election special:

The Last Debate: How the left lost the moral high ground and profit became a sin.

By John Hodgman and John Roderick

Mitt to Shit: If Romney wins, expect more lies and misdeeds from both parties in 2016.

By Ron Reagan

Faghouse Rock: Can you believe this is still an issue?

By Duff McKagan

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