Officially On the Come-Up: Local Beat-Stylist Nice Nate

Artist: Nice Nate

Album: i hate you moshe.

Label: Paxico Records

I meant to blog about Nice Nate's newest thang a few weeks ago, but I slipped up (though I did briefly review it here), so take this as your official nod to check this out if you haven't already. Out late last month on Paxico Records, i hate you moshe. is the newest instrumental full-length by the local producer, and he's taken the better part of a year since his last release (last December's promising milo.) to make good on the potential he's flashed up to this point, and deliver some high-grade beat science. At times more house-leaning than his previous offerings (even catch town electronic all-star DJAO on a track here), but still bathed in that same hip hop essence that floated his earlier product. He's especially good at stretching out and lopping off samples so their genesis is just out of reach (is that a morphed "I'm Blue" snippet he/AO lays over the top on "legos"?*, etc.), and the asymmetrical, left-field mixing takes you right into his bedroom (sounding) studio.

Catch him around town at a beat night if you see his name on a flyer (I'll keep you posted), or on Bandcamp where you can stream/buy i hate you moshe. as you see fit.

*Update: DJAO tells us the "legos" sample was actually lifted from Ananda Shankar's fabulous jam"The River".

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