When it came time to pick the first single off their fifth full-length album, Infinity Overhead , Seattleites Minus the Bear went with the song,


Minus the Bear Plays Peek-A-Boo, Pisses Off Their Parents In "Steel and Blood"

When it came time to pick the first single off their fifth full-length album, Infinity Overhead, Seattleites Minus the Bear went with the song, according to drummer Erin Tate, that they felt was like a punch in the face. Appropriately enough, the video for "Steel and Blood" does the same thing. We caught up with Tate and got all of the details about the video before Minus the Bear plays Showbox at the Market on Saturday.

The Video: "Steel and Blood" was shot in the band's own backyard: the house scenes in a city suburb, and the on-the-street shots in the International District.

Director Dan Brown freelances for Super Sound, a local company that also worked on Minus the Bear's "Pachuca Sunrise" and "The Game Needed Me" videos. Though the band received quite a few treatments, it was Brown's cinematic style that made his treatment stand out.

"He was really fucking awesome," Tate says. "We had seen a music video that he did for Portugal. The Man and we were just kind of blown away by his kind of crazy, almost movie-like videos where it's like a mini-movie in four-and-a-half minutes."

For the members of Minus the Bear, the decision to create a more artsy video ("Pachuca Sunrise," "My Time") versus a cinematic one ("Steel and Blood") depends on the song.

"'Pachuca' just felt like a very colorful vibe. When we did that video, we wanted colors and we wanted some sort of depth to it which is why ... all of our fathers are in that video," Tate explains. "[Steel and Blood]'s really dark, so what we really wanted was to do something that was kind of dark and disturbingly visual."

Where In the World Is Minus the Bear?: It may take a few views to notice but all five members of the band make blink-and-you'll-miss-them cameos in the "Steel and Blood" video. The protagonist beats up guitarist Dave Knudson while Tate and lead singer and guitarist Jake Snider turn the boy down. Bassist Cory Murchy passes the teen on the street and keyboard player and backing vocalist Alex Rose makes out with the boy's girlfriend in the back of the car.

The video would have remained Minus the Bear-free had it not been for Brown.

"None of us wanted to be in it and then he came up with this concept of having us in the International District where this juvenile delinquent, fucked up kid kind of has an interaction with each one of us individually, and it seemed to fit," Tate says.

Parents Just Don't Understand: Tate's dad was in town from Minnesota during the video shoot and made a cameo of his own, though his scene was later cut. The younger Tate says that this was probably for the best as his father wouldn't have wanted to be affiliated with the less than legal goings on in the video.

"I don't know if you've watched the video, but it's weird," Tate says. "The first time I watched it, it made me feel awkward."

While Tate enjoys the tension in the video for "Steel and Blood," not everyone feels the same way.

"Jake's--our singer--mom said that she hated it and that she would never show that to her kids but, you know, she's old," Tate says, laughing. "I don't think a lot of people expected us to go that route, which is what we were going for and so it achieved what we wanted it to achieve."

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