Legato Bebop's Crescendoing, Elegant New Single, "Perpetual Love"

This lovely artwork was done by Casey Catherwood.
Patrick John White released Jargon, his debut record as the experimental songsmith Legato Bebop, earlier this spring (in a review for SW, Eric Grandy called it "An odd, borderless solo album that builds and drifts from ambient din to full-on grunge-crunching rock to fluffy hip-hop beats to Panda Bear/Fleet Foxes-derived harmonies.") White is prepping a follow-up EP called Proximity, to be released on November 13, and this week he released its first single, "Perpetual Love."

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"Perpetual Love" begins with a quiet, ritzy melody that sounds like the music on a carousel ride; some dark synthesizers make Twin Peaks-style intonations, and then a single vocal line enters and repeats for a full minute before reaching a subtle but emotional crescendo. The far-off quality of the vocals make them sound like samples of a vintage song but it's actually just White and his fiancee singing the worlds--"So many days I forget, I hope that they all understand"--over each other. The song is gorgeous in its elegance and its teasing structure--the way that it builds and then drops out suddenly, leaving you wishing it went on.

Here's "Homes," another track that will appear on Proximity.

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