In This Week's Music Section: DJ Shawn Kemp + Jet City Stream

Anastasia Dixon
In the music section of this week's Seattle Weekly (which you can read online right over here), Gwendolyn Elliott has the goods on Sonics legend Shawn Kemp's new gig: DJ! Kemp is on board at Jet City Stream, the internet radio station in Georgetown that has attracted a number of local radio luminaries, including Shawn Stewart (formerly of the Mountain) and Marco Collins (The End, etc.). Check out the station here, and the story here:

People are increasingly tuning in to the regional flavor of their communities--from handcrafted beers to locally sourced veggies--as a way to promote the sustainability of their 'hood. Jet City content director Shawn Stewart--former program director for The Mountain and producer of nationally syndicated show The World Cafe--feels that Seattle is "the absolute right city" for the station to flourish. "We have this extraordinary music scene that has such history," she says. "People from this area are so appreciative of the music that's here, and that's what we're counting on: That people love Seattle and things that are small-batch and locally sourced."

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