After years of performing as Smoosh, sisters Asy and Chloe Saavedra realized that it was time for a change. They were finished with high school,


For The Sisters Of Chaos Chaos, With Age Comes A New Sound

After years of performing as Smoosh, sisters Asy and Chloe Saavedra realized that it was time for a change. They were finished with high school, had just moved to New York and wanted to approach their music with a different attitude. With that, Chaos Chaos was born. The duo released their first EP as Chaos Chaos, S, last month along with the video for the first single, "My Hands." We caught up with Asy and Chloe, who told us all about "My Hands," before they play The Crocodile on Sunday and an in-studio session with 90.3 KEXP on Monday.

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The Video: Directed by Seattle photographer Kiliii Fish, "My Hands," was shot over four days in the Pocono Mountains. Asy says that while she and Chloe were brainstorming video treatments, they wanted to get Fish into their heads as much as possible, sending him the song's lyrics and photos so he could see their thought process when creating the song.

The sisters were apprehensive about having all eyes on them in the video, calling bringing the same amount of energy as an on-stage performance to the forest setting unnatural, but decided that it would be the best visual representation of the song, which they say is about being beaten down by your own egocentrism.

"The song is about being cocky and you think the world is about you and then in the end, you're the one alone in the woods and you're falling into the river and things are not working out," Asy says. "Also, there's a lot of diva-ish attitude in the song but somehow we didn't want it to be Madonna diva-ish so we thought having it be in the forest is just going to automatically take away any of that."

"My Hands" is the first single off S, named after the universal symbol for entropy, or complete disorder. Asy admits that it's a bit odd for Chloe and her to combine music and science because the two are so different but says that they like when one element of a project or experiment begins to branch out from the others and into new directions, thus creating disorder.

"That was the way we wanted to approach the EP, bringing a bunch of different, crazy music styles together that we wouldn't normally think of putting together and kind of make disorder work," Asy says. "It was kind of a challenge so I'm not sure if it worked but it was interesting."

Down By The River: Depending on which sister you talk to, the river scene at the end of the video was either not that bad (Asy) or freezing (Chloe). Asy remembers that it was the final scene of the shoot and that they went home and warmed up afterwards. Chloe though, recalls her sister filming a scene after being in the water.

"This isn't an obvious thing but we tried to make it amped up with the craziness. We tried to have it be as if we were kind of normal in the beginning and then we got pretty crazy towards the end ... and we were making it like we were turning crazy from the woods," Chloe explains. "The last scene she filmed was the crazy scene. It was messy and she did that after the water, cold scene and I think it gave her the last extra boost for the last scene in the video."

No matter the order of the scenes, both girls recall Fish having river troubles of his own. As he walked backwards through the woods holding a steady cam, Chloe and Maia, the third Saavedra sister, were supposed to shout out which direction he should go so he wouldn't crash into anything. Unfortunately, those directions didn't always help and Fish found himself in the water at the end of the video shoot.

Mostly Happy Campers: Overall, the duo wouldn't change a thing about the video shoot despite minor mishaps here and there. Chloe does have one request though.

"Maybe if we could've got some moose in some shots, that would've been awesome," she says with a laugh.

"It's weird because when you do something that is pretty spontaneous and in the moment and it wasn't totally thought through before we did it, there were no expectations and so I wasn't like 'Dang it, we didn't have this or we didn't have that,'" she goes on to say. "I was just really happy with the outcome."

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