The boys of Seattle band Eternal Fair launched a Kickstarter campaign this week aiming to fund their first full-length album. Comprising of vocalist/guitarist Andrew Vait,


Eternal Fair Launches Kickstarter Campaign In Support of Full-Length Debut

The boys of Seattle band Eternal Fair launched a Kickstarter campaign this week aiming to fund their first full-length album. Comprising of vocalist/guitarist Andrew Vait, drummer Daniel Nash and bassist Chris Matthews, the act released their debut EP, Eternal Fair, Vol. 1, last February.

Known for their blues-infused rock and electric live shows, the act most recently headlined a Seattle Living Room show alongside Daniel Blue of Motopony and Hannalee. Vait says their full-length debut is a culmination of six years of writing, with themes focusing on both fictitious stories and personal experiences. Supporters who chose to help fund the project have the potential to receive a variety of perks - including Eternal Fair swag, advanced downloads and listening opportunities and the chance to go on the road with the band. The prize for funding the entire $7,500? A sweet t-shirt and a kiss, of course. Interested in funding the project? Donate here.

Check out the full description below:

What we're doing:

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when we decided to lay down another recording. It happened after a summer of tributing, touring, and travel; a summer that saw us tightening up the loose ends of a thing and turning them into a thing. As fall settled, we examined our thing; tapped it and rattled it, spun it in a circle and played catch with it, and then we decided that our thing was ready to deliver. We were introduced to engineer Chris Mathews Jr. through a mutual friend at Seattle Weekly, and quickly established that we would be working together on our forthcoming project. We were initially only planning to record a 6-song EP, but things have a way of evolving quickly with this band.

The decision to record a full-length album really came down to one song: Donny's Impossible Dream. I was putting off finishing it; we knew there was something special about the tune, but that it was missing some unannounced component that could push it over the top. I struggled with writing a chorus; coaxed it from its hole to have it transform into something I no longer wanted, and only with my back turned would it reappear as an elusive beauty that just slipped around the corner. When it finally surrendered, I was so beside myself that I couldn't quite determine what I had revealed, so I recorded a demo and sent it to Chris Jones. He confirmed what I suspected -- the song was complete. That night, I restlessly put together the remaining pieces of the puzzle in my head; scrutinizing every detail of every song until I drew the only conclusion that stood between me and an undisturbed night of sleep: we had everything we needed to record a full-length album.

What it will cost:

Our goal isn't to make an expensive album; it's to make a good album. We've surrounded ourselves with a team that we trust, and the budget we created for ourselves is modest because we know we can do a lot with a little. That being said, it all adds up quickly. Costs that go into making a record include studio time, engineering fees, mixing the tracks (making them sound good), mastering the tracks (making them sound better), pressing the album to vinyl and compact disc, and then shipping the goods to our fans, friends and family if our campaign is successful. We can make it happen - with your help.

What you'll hear:

I've been writing songs for roughly six years. Over the last 2,000+ days, I've written and completed over 100 compositions and left countless others unfinished in the dust. Of the standing body, the songs that are going to be recorded on this album are among my best. I say this not just out of confidence, but for the lack of any other appropriate description.

Chris, Daniel and I have worked these songs together; we've sweated and breathed them into existence. They tell a story with which we thoroughly identify; that there is always hope for a better future. Some are personal; others are fictitious narratives. The characters within recount tales that are often reflective, sometime impressionistic or existential, and other times downright fantastical. There is a sense of urgency to this material that has taken us on an improbable journey to the furthest reaches of our wildest imagination. We can't wait to show you.

The time is right. Everything is lined up. All the pieces and all the players are in place. The only thing we still need is your support. Please join us in bringing this story to life.

Risks and challenges

We are not taking lightly the inherent risk of not reaching our goal. As individuals, Chris, Daniel and I have been blessed to pursue a career that is unlike any other; a career that has as much chosen us as we have chosen it. We have been supported thoroughly in heroic ways that have allowed us to maintain our path and reach for the sun. That said, the name Eternal Fair is a relatively fresh idea; even to our most dedicated supporters. It may take longer than we would hope to gather the trust necessary to raise the funds and put this album out independently. The only option for countering this issue and for driving the project home is to show those who will take a glimpse that we taking this project as seriously as we have taken anything before it.

If the word spreads and we do reach our goal, but find that we need more money due to unforseen expenses, it could present a temporary obstacle. As musicians, we are no strangers to this detractor. Our lifestyle has made us instinctively scrappy, and we humbly accept this challenge.

We also accept the unique challenge of creating an album that is worthy of your ears and attention. We are nervous; some of us even losing sleep over the creative work that lies ahead. It's crushingly intimidating to trade in your vision for the actual thing. All we can promise is that will will do our very best and give all that we have, to create a work that we can all treasure.

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