The Wheelies and The Nightgowns Robbed of $20,000 Worth of Equipment

Anastasia Dixon
First Bieber's laptop, and now this. On Monday night, the Tacoma practice space shared by The Nightgowns and The Wheelies was burglarized; the thieves made off with an estimated $20,000 worth of guitars, keyboards, pedals, and other equipment. (Check the end of this post for an astonishingly long list of all the gear that was taken). I wouldn't wish massive theft on anyone, but as is so often the case, this couldn't have happened to a nicer group of guys. Shit ain't right.

On their Facebook page, The Wheelies announced that they're working on putting together a benefit show to raise money to purchase new gear and added a characteristically smiley note: "Taking gear away from us can't take away our friendship...Wheelies never die :)"

In the meantime, Tacoma-based Swoon Records, who will release the Wheelies' first full-length record sometime in the near future, have announced that the label's cut (50%) of all paid downloads from their store at will be donated directly to the Wheelies and the Nightgowns.

Here's that list:

1. 1966 Fender Mustang (Brown with white pickguard)

2. Fender American Telecaster (White w/black pickguard) 1990's

3. 1963 Univox Sunburst Hollowbody Electric guitar

4. Custom made Baritone Telecaster body (Natural with holes drilled in the sides of the body) Strat style headstock

5. Korg TR88 (Huge Black 88 key keyboard)

6. Roland JX-3p Vintage Keyboard

7. Fender Mustang Bass (White with Pearl Pickguard)

8. Fender Mexican Jazz Bass Natural (Heavily sanded finish with very beat up black pickguard)

9. Danelectro 12 string electric (Sunburst Finish)

10. Fender Strat Wood Grain (Stamps all over body)

11. Allen and Heath 24 channel blue mixing board model 24/2

12. Fender Mexican Strat (Sunburst with white pickguard)

13. Ibanez RG Series Electric guitar w/floyd rose (Grey)

14. Zildjian 14in K Session Dark Hihat CymbalTop

15. Zildjian 14in Avedis Mastersound Hihat Cymbal bottom

16. Zildjian 20in A Custom Crash Cymbal

17. Devi Ever Helios Pedal

18. Effector 13 Aenima Pedal

19. MXR Carbon Copy Delay Pedal

20. Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport Pedal

21. Ibanez TS9 tube screamer Pedal

22. Digitech Hardwire RV7 Pedal

23. TC Electronic Polytune Pedal

24. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 power supply

25. 4MS Tremulous Lune Pedal

26. Zvex Box Of Rock Pedal

27. 1982 Ibanez tubescreamer UE300 pedal

28. Boss MD2 Mega Distortion pedal

29. Boss TU2 tuner Pedal

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