While all this debating and talking about putting women in binders has been fun, we all know that come Election Day, no-one will really give


The 9 Best Songs About the 9 Swing States

While all this debating and talking about putting women in binders has been fun, we all know that come Election Day, no-one will really give a hoot about Washingtonians' vote for president.

No, all the attention will go to those nine swing-states.

As such, we here at Reverb thought it would be informative to hear what our musicians have had to say about these states. We surveyed the nine states considered still most in play (as determined by Politico), and picked our favorite songs about each state, then ranked those from worst to best (but really, they're all great).

9. "Virginia," By Clipse

Swing state: Virginia

Latest polling: tied

Song: Not necessarily a candidate to become the next state song, Pusha T spits: "I'm from Virginia, where ain't shit to do but cook/ Pack it up, sell it triple-price, fuck the books/ Where we re-up, re-locate, re-off them brooks/ So when we pull up, it ain't shit to do but look."

Political takeaway: Romney thought this song was about Bain Capital, until his aides told him otherwise.

8. That 70's Show Theme Song

Swing state: Wisconsin

Latest polling: 50-48, Obama

Song: The setting of the show could be anywhere in America where teens just want to have sex. But the song closes with a crunching power-chord and a hearty, "Hello Wisconsin!"

Political takeaway: Both Obama and Romney have incorporated "Hello Wisconsin" into their stump speeches, apparently taking a cue from the song.

7. "Carolina," by M. Ward

Swing state: North Carolina

Latest polling: 45-50, Romney

Song: M. Ward doesn't distinguish between North and South Carolina. Rather, he "feels like Carolina, splitting myself in two." It's a beautiful line in a beautiful song.

Political takeaway: This whole country will be splitting itself in two by the end of this damned election.

6. "Rocky Mountain High," John Denver

Swing state: Colorado

Latest polling: Tied

Song: At one time, this song was considered controversial. Here's another line from the Clipse song noted above: "Each year, a diffferent bitch wonder/ Who wing she gon' fall under, Push' or Mal'/ Ganga grinds, wit' me, with thoughts of fuckin' them cross her mind." Ah, how times have changed.

Political takeaway: If Obama wins this, people are most definitely going to get high.

5. "New Hampshire," Sonic Youth

Swing state: New Hampshire

Latest polling: 48-47 Obama

Song: New Hampshire is billed as the subject of the song, but only gets a cursory mention.

Political takeaway: Expect the candidates to treat the little state in much the same manner.

4. "Viva Las Vegas," Elvis

Swing state: Nevada

Latest polling: 49-46, Obama

Song: There are no songs about Nevada, other than its state song, because it's a vast wasteland of cheap casinos and strip mines. So we went with a great tune about the only thing in Nevada that matters: the L.V.

Political takeaway: Likewise, whoever wins Las Vegas will probably take the state, so set it on fire, boys.

3. "Low," Flo Rida

Swing state: Florida

Latest polling: 47-49, Romney

Song: OK, sort of a stretch, but we couldn't let Florida pass without giving a shout to Flo, maker of one of the great dance songs of the 2000s.

Political takeaway: Hillary Clinton thought this song was about her, until her aides told her otherwise.

2. "Sioux City Sue," Dick Thomas

Swing state: Iowa

Latest polling: 49-46 Obama

Song: "I asked her if she had a beau, she said yes, quite a few. Still I started courting, my sweet Souix City Sue."

Political takeaway: Obama might think he has Iowa wrapped up, but Romney is a-courtin'.

1. "Ohio," Neil Young

Swing state: Ohio

Latest polling: 48-46 Obama

Song: "Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, four dead in Ohio."

Political takeaway: Obama would do well to remind Ohio what happens when Republicans are in office.

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