Chimurenga Renaissance's Pungwe Mixtape Is a Flowing Juxtaposition of Struggles Old and New

You may recall that Chimurenga Renaissance is the moniker Shabazz Palaces percussionist Tendai Maraire has been operating under as of late. Yesterday, he released a mixtape called Pungwe (presumably after the Zimbabwean river), which is a collection of tracks he'd previously uploaded to his Soundcloud page, and new material mixed artfully by New York-based (Sierra Leone-born) DJ Chief Boima into each other, and the occasional third party interlude (like Spice 1's old school gangsta joint "Trigga Got's No Heart"). The theme of contemporary struggle on a local/personal level intertwine with Maraire's (who's credited as Fly Guy Dai) heavily African subject matter, and instrumentation, and create interesting parallels between social problems/injustices new and old. As a bonus, fellow Shabazz Palaces rep Ish pops up during the first movement. It's worth a listen. Stream it here.

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