Christina Woerns
Alex Cuba will be performing Oct. 23 at El Corazon
A lot went into writing your favorite song, but how much do you


Latin Rocker Alex Cuba Talks Depression And Staying Positive On "Por Donde Vas"

Christina Woerns
Alex Cuba will be performing Oct. 23 at El Corazon
A lot went into writing your favorite song, but how much do you really know about it? This week latin rocker Alex Cuba from Artemisa, Cuba delves into battling depression, his favorite performance in New Jersey and following your heart.

Song: "Por Donde Vas"

Album: Ruido En El Sistema / Static In The System

Release Date: Oct 9th 2012

When it was written: Between March and August 2011

Where it was written: I started it while sound checking at a place in London, Ontario, called Aeolian Hall. Then I finished it on the road.

Favorite line in the song: "La vida es una flor multicolor." ("Life is a multi-coloured flower")

Which part was the hardest to come up with: I think the hardest part was the bridge, because it needed to round the whole song up bringing it to a complete idea. That took some thinking.

Odd fact about song: I think it is maybe odd [that] this super happy uplifting song was inspired by a sad story of a friend of mine, who has been having a hard time in life and even thinking to end it. Suffering of severe depression and not knowing what to do or where to go. The song clearly says that life is full of choices, and the most important thing is to decide from the heart and stick to your decision. Nothing is stronger than something that comes from our hearts.

What was your inspiration for writing the song: My friend and the many people that are suffering from depression.

When was your favorite time performing it live: Actually just now in Hoboken, NJ, at a place called Maxwell's. We had an amazing show there, where a lot of fans showed up and gave us a lot of love. This song was very well received, and even sung by many in the audience that to my surprise already knew the lyrics.

What is the meaning behind the song: Well the song starts by asking this imaginary person, "Tell me how are you doing, tell me if you'll turn left on the next corner of your life." And keeps going saying that if that is your decision no matter what you find you must believe in it and be proud of it. Then the song turns things around and [asks] again the same question but instead of turning left asking this time if you'll turn right. Again saying no matter what you see, what you'll find you must believe in and appreciate it because it was your decision. Then bridge then comes to round things up and say that life is like a multi-coloured flower in every single direction that the heart takes us on. The meaning and the purpose of the song is to inspire people to live in their hearts, to learn to trust that, and to know that whatever the heart tells you it is the absolute truth.

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