Today's Rap Recommendation: The Rare Oldominion Crew Set at Columbia City Theater Tonight Deserves Your Attention

Like 1/100 of Oldominion
The Oldominion collective comprises somewhere between twenty and thirty members of the Seattle and Portland (and sometimes beyond) hip hop communities. With so many members, and the plurality of location, it's no surprise that the gang isn't able to convene on stage all that often. The rare nature of tonight's show isn't the only reason to check it out, though; the crew's group material, as well as its dozens of offshoot solo and sub group projects have helped define the Northwest rap landscape for over a decade, and they have enough classic jams under their umbrella to fill several nights. Of course, there notable omissions from the bill (Xperience jumps out at me), but you've got marquee names like Onry Ozzbors (Grayskul, Dark Time Sunshine) and Rob Castro, fast(est?) rapper Sleep, JFK (Grayskul, Th3rdz), freestyle/battle legend Bishop I, journeyman rap DJ/producer Mr. Hill, Wolf Hotel (Barfly and Graves33), and Smoke on the list among the confirmed, and one has to assume there will be surprise bonus guests.

So if you're not hitting the Don't Talk to the Cops! show tonight at the Comet, or huffing glue in an alley or something, this Oldominion show would be a killer addition to your agenda. Rap on.

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