Laura Duffy
Fiona Apple played the Paramount July 25th.
Now that we've closed the books on Bumbershoot 2012, it's time to accept that the end


The 10 Best Concerts of Summer 2012

Laura Duffy
Fiona Apple played the Paramount July 25th.
Now that we've closed the books on Bumbershoot 2012, it's time to accept that the end of summer is near. Sure, we'll still have a few more weeks of sunny weather, but the hard truth is festival season is done for another year. Let's take a look back at some of our favorite concert memories from summer 2012.

Dave Lake
10. Warped Tour at White River Amphitheater, August 4th

"[T]his year's lineup featured none of the classic-era Warped bands. There was nary a NOFX, Pennywise, Rancid or Bad Religion to be found, leaving New Found Glory as the year's resident old fogies. And though the tour's demographic has always been 13-25 or so, there were noticeably fewer attendees over the age of 30." - Dave Lake

Warped Tour Is Hot, Young and Sweaty

Chona Kasinger
9. Grimes at Capitol Hill Block Party, July 21st

"From far back, Grimes just looked like one big black anarchy t-shirt and a long blonde wig bouncing around the stage, but even in the cheap seats you could see her exuberant dance moves and facial expressions as she looped and layered her vocals or played keys or beats." - Eric Grandy

Capitol Hill Block Party Saturday: Major Lazer, Grimes, and the Thrilling Horror of a Sold-Out Crowd

8. Neil Diamond at Key Arena, July 23rd

"Backed by a 14-piece band, Neil Diamond essentially put on a clinic of how to do a polished, professional show without ever losing that human connection that has always propelled Diamond's music and performances." - Greg Franklin

Neil Diamond Performs Perfectly Polished Pop At KeyArena

7. El-P and Killer Mike at Neumos, July 1st

"[El-P is] a unique figure that traditionalist rap heads and backpack-clad indie-rap snobs can agree on, and if you've given his latest, next-level album, Cancer 4 Cure a spin, you'd know: he just keeps getting better." - Todd Hamm

El-P, Killer Mike, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, and Despot Put On a Rap Clinic, Last Night At Neumos

Renee McMahon
6. St. Vincent at Sasquatch!, May 26th

"Until [Jack] White took the stage, the day's most charismatic performers were all women--from every one of the Dum Dum Girls and Tune-Yards to The Shins' Jessica Dobson and, finally, St. Vincent, who shredded her axe with more intent than any artist not named White." - Chris Kornelis

Sasquatch! Saturday: Jack White Slays, St. Vincent Rages, and the Crowd Feeds Portlandia: 'Do You See How Easy It is to Write our Show?'

5. Sigur Rós at the Paramount, August 8th

"Saying that Sigur Rós played a rock show at the Paramount last night would be at least superficially accurate--there were guitars, and drums, and a light show, after all--but also grossly unfair. Actually, Icelandic group's performance had more in common with a symphony." - Andrew Gospe

Sigur Rós Brings Heavy Symphonic Rock to the Paramount, Last Night

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Laura Duffy
4. Jack White at WaMu Theater, August 14th

"With such a diverse career, and the ability to draw songs from any period on this solo tour, Seattle was undoubtedly curious how he would approach curating a setlist and arranging songs with his new band. As it turns out, last night, the many faces of Jack White turned into one-- the more is more version." - Julia Mullen Gordon

"Jack White Enters His Blue Period, Last Night at WaMu Theater

Laura Duffy
3. Fiona Apple at the Paramount, July 25th

"If on record Apple holds a bit back, creating a simmering undertone of resentment, live, she lets everything scratch and howl its way out." - Erin Thompson

Fiona Apple's 7 Most Extraordinary Performances Last Night at the Paramount

Dave Lake
2. The Vaselines at Bumbershoot, September 3rd

"It seemed a fitting way to wrap-up Bumbershoot, with Krist Novoselic from Nirvana joining Scottish band The Vaselines on stage for a version of "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam," the song Nirvana played on their MTV Unplugged performance that brought The Vaselines wider acclaim in its wake." - Dave Lake

Krist Novoselic Jams with The Vaselines, Foxy Shazam Does Cartwheels and More Highlights from Monday's Bumbershoot

1. Refused at Showbox SoDo, August 28th

"[T]he pit exploded into frenzy again and again last night, but if you've never watched or better been in it for the massively pent-up vocal drop on "New Noise" ("Can I scream?!"), you really have no idea." - Eric Grandy

Refused at Showbox SoDo: Not Fucking Dead

What was your favorite concert of summer 2012? Add it in the comments!

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